Friday, March 25, 2016

Spring Bouquet

I think just about everyone has their favorite season. My husband likes summer, because he doesn't have to worry too much about being cold. The kids agree, but more for the reason that they don't have to go to school! Me? I'm a spring (and fall) girl. The weather is just right where the house can be open and breathe...the garden gets new life breathed into it and there is just this feeling of possibility in the air! But most importantly it's when I get to bring color to house. Flowers are my THING. Working in the landscape industry as my day job when the flower orders start rolling in is I start to get excited because that's when springtime is really here. Old man winter has gone away again for another year.
This paper line from My Mind's Eye took my mind right to spring. Took me a while to get it from my head to fruition but it was worth the wait I think. :)

Maya Road products usually take center stage on my projects and this one was no exception. Here one of their burlap flowers made the centerpiece of the front of the "vase".

I used Wendy Vecchi's modeling film to make the middle part of these flowers for depth. Using the chalk paint on them to echo the paint I used inside the vase they made a nice interruption of the other colors in play.

All of the goodies you need to make this fun spring project can be found down at The Crafty Scrapper.  Go see the girls down there and they will get you hooked up!
Happy Scrappin'!